Gang violence forces closure of schools in St Lucia Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Ministry of Education in St Lucia advised Friday that schools in a section of the country known as Vieux Fort would remain closed today due to the current “unstable environment”, which has been linked to gang violence.

In a statement, it told parents and guardians that due to the current unstable environment in Vieux Fort, after consultation with the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force, the Beanefield Comprehensive Secondary, Beanefield Post Secondary, Vieux Fort Primary, Vieux Fort Infant and Vieux Fort Special Education Center will remain closed today.

Gang violence in the town claimed the life of three individuals and left a nine-year-old nursing gunshot injuries at the hospital.

At about 4:30pm, a young man identified as Delon was shot at the Fisheries Complex. Less than an hour later, another male identified as Brico was shot at Bruceville, while a female, said to be the mother of one of the alleged shooters, was shot on Clarke Street.


Brico is the father of a young man shot in the neck last month at the Fisheries Complex.

The resurgence of gun and gang violence in the town has sparked fear in residents, hence the school closure today.

The Ministry of Education apologised for any inconvenience caused due to this new development and advised parents and guardians to make all necessary arrangements to keep themselves and their children safe during this period.