Ganja seized during raid in St Elizabeth; farmer arrested Loop Jamaica

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Detectives assigned to the Area 3 Narcotics Division seized over 500 pounds of ganja during an operation in Slipe and Clandestine districts, St. Elizabeth on Wednesday, January 31.

Reports are that about midday, lawmen carried out a search in the areas— in the first incident in Slipe district, a portion of the contraband was found in a house that was occupied by a man— and the other portion was later found in bushes in Clandestine.

The man was subsequently arrested, following a question-and-answer session in the presence of his attorney, he was charged with possession of and dealing in ganja.

He is 38-year-old Alton Mcpherson a farmer of Slipe district, St. Elizabeth. His court date has not been finalised.

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