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Motorists will pay significantly more for both gasoline and diesel as of Thursday, May 5.

This is according to the latest weekly price listing released on Wednesday by Petrojam, the state-owned oil refinery.

According to the listing, both 87 and 90-octane gasoline have been increased by $4.50 each, and will be sold for $198.14 and $203.16 per litre, respectively.

Automotive diesel will be sold for $211.70 per litre this week, an increase of $4.50, while ultra-low sulphur diesel will be sold for $214.44, following an increase of $4.50.

Users of kerosene will also pay more this week; the commodity has been increased by $4.50, and will be sold for $184.56 per litre.

Propane liquid petroleum is down by $0.25, and will be sold for $79.75 per litre, while butane liquid petroleum will be sold for $91.17 per litre after an increase of $0.25.

The marketing companies and retailers will add their respective mark-ups to the prices from Petrojam.

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