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Local Government Election 2024

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3 hrs ago

MP Lisa Hanna (left) with Kaydian Harty

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Member of Parliament for the St Ann South Eastern constituency, Lisa Hanna is giving her strong support to Kaydian Harty, the People’s National Party (PNP) councillor-candidate for the Claremont Division in the constituency.

Criticisms have surfaced that Hanna was seen campaigning with other PNP political representatives across the country, as opposed to those in her own constituency.

In an Instagram post on Monday, Hanna showed her finger in purple, indicating that she had cast her ballot for Harty.

“Voted for @hartykay Next Councillor of the Claremont Division SESA,” Hanna captioned the photo.

Harty is going up against the Jamaica Labour Party’s, Sasha Lee.  

In the 2016 local election, the PNP’s Lambert Weir polled 687 votes, while the JLP representative Maurice Walters received 629 votes.

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