Global tech company Automattic recruiting C’bean software engineers | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

Automattic — the company behind blogging platforms such as and Tumblr — has partnered with regional tech ecosystem and workforce developer, Tech Beach Retreat, to recruit software engineers in the Caribbean.

Having successfully onboarding two Jamaican software engineers to its team — both of whom are members of the Tech Beach community — Automattic, is specifically searching for highly qualified individuals in the Caribbean.

“This collaboration will allow the company to tap into Tech Beach’s substantial network to identify the best talent in the region for several engineering roles,” according to a release announcing the recruitment drive.

With over 1,700 employees based in 90 countries around the world, Automattic — which is built upon the foundation of a globally distributed workforce — has described itself as “committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion“.

“At Automattic, we believe that diverse perspectives from different people, cultures, and countries make our company and our products stronger. That’s why we’re proud to partner with Tech Beach Retreat. Their broad reach and deep roots in the region help us connect to the Caribbean’s amazing pool of profoundly talented people across all sectors of tech,” said Karen Arnold, head of talent at Automattic.

As with all other Automattic team members, successful candidates will not be required to relocate in order to fulfil their obligations of employment. Tech Beach cofounder, Kirk-Anthony Hamilton sees this as a big plus for the region.

“Many of our people have always looked outwards to identify a better life and the physical nature of traditional work has resulted in those people leaving our islands once they find opportunities creating a significant brain drain for our market,” said Hamilton.

He added: “If we can create pathways for our people to access global opportunities and experience while at home, we create the space for an evolution of our ecosystem where those who have benefited are positioned to directly impact others on the ground. The pandemic has forced entities all over the world to remove the physical barriers to work. Given the dynamics of the Caribbean, this could be one of the single greatest opportunities for our region in recent history.”

The recruitment collaboration between Automattic and Tech Beach Retreat will include a virtual event, ‘The Future of Work: Globally Distributed Teams’ on December 2 at 10am ET — featuring Cavel Khan, chief revenue officer at Tumblr, and Joel Dean, senior software engineer at Automattic.

Qualified individuals are invited to apply online at