Golding cites local polls as being ‘vital’ for the PNP Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

With the date now set for the Local Government Elections, People’s National Party (PNP) President and Opposition Leader Mark Golding has shared his perspectives on the likely consequences of the elections for the party should they win or lose the polls.

“The election that will take place on the 26th of this month is a vital election for the People’s National Party and for Jamaica,” declared Golding as he addressed scores of party supporters and officials at a spot meeting in St Elizabeth North Eastern on Friday.

Using a sporting analogy, he said in order for the party to win the finals (the General Elections), they have to secure victory in the semi-finals (the Local Government Elections).

“… The semi-final is an important race, because if we don’t do well in the semi-final, you know seh a problem; but if we do well in the semi-final, the final is well set,” stated Golding. 

He said Prime Minister Andrew Holness has called the parochial polls at a time when “the PNP energy is higher than high”, because on his many trips across the country before the date was announced, “comrades are ready” to send a signal that they are tired of the present Administration. 

“The political work and the bringing out the votes on the 26 (of February) a serious sup’m. Nuh tek it simple. Labourites nah give up this so easy enuh. 

“We haffi stand firm, and wi haffi serious in a wi mind and inna wi heart fi deliver the victory,” he urged comrades.

He also encouraged them to ensure that those PNP supporters who stayed away from the polls in previous elections are persuaded to cast their ballots for the party on February 26.

“… I believe in my heart we will (win the Local Government Elections) because God wants that for Jamaica,” Golding suggested. 

Continuing, he said: “I know when we get this victory under our belt, we will be well poised and ready for what is coming next, and the momentum will be in our sails, and we will be in Jamaica House doing the business of the people again.” 

St Elizabeth North Eastern has four parochial divisions, with the PNP having won three of them in the 2016 local elections. Those are the Brae’s River, Siloah and Balaclava divisions.

The PNP’s councillor-candidates in the constituency are Donovan Pagan of the Brae’s River Division; Audie Myers, Siloah Division; Everton Fisher, Balaclava Division; and Maurice Nembhard, Santa Cruz Division.

Attorney Zulieka Jess is the PNP’s parliamentary candidate in the constituency. 

The seat is currently held by the Jamaica Labour Party’s (JLP) Delroy Slowley.