Golding makes visit to Papine saying he is happy JLP took Venesha Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

People National Party President, Mark Golding paid a quick visit to Papine High School late Monday to give his support to those voters who he believed supported the PNP in the Local Government Election and at the same time said he was happy Venesha Phillips, who was representing the party but later crossed the floor, was no longer with the organization.

He also spoke about the low voter turnout.

He said word on the ground was that voting was slow and that a lot of people were facing challenges because they did not have their voter ID.

 The Papine Division which falls in Eastern St Andrew, is being contested by Phillips, who resigned from the PNP and later crossed over to the JLP. Patricia Duncan Sutherland has been identified as the PNP’s new standard bearer.

Both candidates have since expressed confidence in securing victory.

Phillips however has come under criticism from Golding and other PNP supporters, the latest in the form of the party chairman, Angella Brown Burke who has described Phillips as a traitor.

Golding during the visit at Papine High School said he was happy the JLP took Phillips in their camp.

“I am glad they took her it should have happened long ago,” said Golding, as he greeted the supporters and even stopped to take a photo with one of the JLP supporters, who were heard shouting one Veniesha.

Golding later ended the visit by saying he was confident of a PNP victory but said he was a bit concerned about slow voter turnout in some areas.

Earlier in the day PNP, Chairman, Dr Angela Brown Burke says along with a PNP victory she was also hoping there would be a change of Mayor in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipality (KSAMC).

“I am expecting at the end of the day to make sure that certainly in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipality, we do have a change of mayor and also expecting across the island to see us holding what we have and picking up some,” said Brown-Burke.

She commented after she visited the Mona High School where she placed her vote.

She also spoke about a recent development where Venisha Phiilps, who once represented the PNP in the Papine Division recently crossed the floor to join the JLP.

She also explained that supporters who crossed the floor to join the PNP did not do so out of gross for the party.