Gov’t public bodies reduced by 41 – Dr Nigel Clarke

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Forty-one fewer public bodies are operating in Government, says Finance and Public Service Minister, Dr Nigel Clarke.

Giving an update on the progress of the Public Sector Transformation Programme during the recent Caribbean Public Sector Financial Management Conference in Kingston, Dr Clarke noted that in 2016, there were 190 public bodies.

 “Today, we have 41 fewer because we have been able to successfully merge, in some cases, wind up and close public bodies that were no longer necessary under the current dispensation, or where it would be more efficient to provide service through another entity,” the minister said.  

Under the Rationalisation of Public Bodies Project, Jamaica has benefitted from a reduction in the number of public bodies through mergers, closures, divestments and the integration into parent ministries.

Minister Clarke said actions under the Public Sector Modernisation Programme have led to an improvement in the management of the public service.

“This will represent the only decade where the number of public bodies would have gone down because we, over the past 50 years, have just been on an unbroken path of just adding public bodies every decade. We got to a point where something like 20 public bodies were added in the 70s, 25 added in the 80s, and 30 added in the 90s,” he pointed out.

“In many cases, we were providing services that are better delivered by a ministry. But because of compensation, bureaucratic and other issues, the solution was seen as easier [by] setting up a public body… but it’s clearly unsustainable. So rationalisation of public bodies has been quite successful as well,” Dr Clarke said.