Gov’t rakes in millions during pilot of new Traffic Ticket Management | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

The Government raked in roughly $200,000 per day or over $18 million, following the issuance of some 25,000 traffic tickets during the first 90 days of the Corporate Area pilot for the new electronic Traffic Ticket Management System (TTMS).

This was revealed on Tuesday by the Minister of National Security, Dr Horace Chang, as he made his contribution to the Sectoral Debate in the House of Representatives.

Chang said that 72 handheld machines were rolled out in the Corporate Area for the pilot that is to be extended to the rest of the country. The pilot got underway on December 30 last year.

“So the investment has a high rate of return,” he noted.

According to Chang, the amounts for 7,678 tickets were paid up to April 22.

Chang noted that a new ticketing system which was several years in the making had become necessary as the old paper-based system was fraught with problems. He highlighted that at one stage there were up to 340,000 tickets in the court system that could not be accounted for, meaning no one could determine whether the tickets were paid for or not. As a result, judges were reluctant to issue warrants for delinquent motorists to be brought before the courts.

“That’s the sort of backlog we had, the ministry (of national security) sought and acquired personnel, (and we) cleared all of them,” said Chang.

Commenting on the new system he said: “The police officers like it…and they like writing the ticket because nobody can challenge them about anything. They clock it in and it goes into the tax office and they’re finished”.

Commenting on the amount of money brought into the government’s coffers, Chang said he expected that as motorists abide by the road safety laws the number of tickets being issued will decrease.

He also said that there was a glitch in the court system that is being sorted out after which delinquent motorists will be prosecuted. He said the road traffic regulations must also be in place to facilitate this. The minister assured that by Christmas, the country will see “significant benefits” on the roadway because the tickets will be issued but the prosecution has to begin.

Chang said gone are the days when a motorist can accumulate one thousand traffic tickets and still be driving.

“(Under the new system) he will be called to order, called to book in the court, fined and punished appropriately,” he said