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Dr Andre Haughton, Opposition spokesperson on Commerce, Technology, and Innovation

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Dr Andre Haughton, the Opposition spokesperson on Commerce, Technology, and Innovation is urging the government to increase port capacity and enhance logistical connectivity.

“Jamaican ports’ limited capacity has been recognised as a bottleneck in the timely delivery of goods. Addressing this issue requires targeted investments in port infrastructure, such as deepening harbours through dredging activities, upgrading cargo handling facilities, and implementing smart technologies to boost operational efficiency,” Dr Haughton stated.

He further emphasised that enhancing logistical connectivity within the country should be prioritized – from streamlining transportation networks to ensuring the efficient movement of goods from ports to distribution centres.

“The government must collaborate with relevant stakeholders to optimise logistical processes and improve the flow of goods throughout the country. The importance of adopting digital solutions to effectively manage and track the movement of goods cannot be overstated.

“Jamaica must utilise technology and innovation to enhance supply chain visibility and operational efficiency. We must encourage the adoption of technology solutions to improve supply chain visibility, streamline operations, and minimize disruptions,” Dr Haughton concluded.

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November 27, 2023 03:17 PM

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