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Commissioner of the Cayman Islands’ police, Derek Byrne, has disclosed that members of the police force there recently seized a firearm that has been linked to at least five murders in Jamaica over the last four years.

Bryne, who demits office in less than a week, said the weapon, which somehow made its way to the Cayman Islands, is now part of a major investigation.

Stressing that the relationship with Jamaica remains very important, the police commissioner said many of the guns found in the Cayman Islands have Jamaican origins. He also highlighted Jamaica as a source of most marijuana and other drug shipments to the islands.

Bryne told reporters that one of the many enhancements he has presided over during the last seven years was the development of significant ballistics capabilities, and based on that, the territory is now a regional hub for firearms forensics.

Since he took over the leadership of the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service, Byrne has presided over the most significant budgets in its history, according to a CMC report.

He said the enhancements of the service led to significant successes, such as connecting the gun police recently seized with the five killings in Jamaica dating back to 2019.

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