Hansle Parchment says he is not ready to return to competition Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Olympic champion Hansle Parchment acknowledges he’s lagging in his preparations for the Jamaican Olympic trials in June, where the country’s team for the Paris Olympics will be selected.

The trials, slated for June 27-30 at the National Stadium, hold significant importance for Parchment, who clinched a surprise gold medal in the men’s 110m hurdles final in Tokyo on August 5, 2021, securing his second Olympic medal.

“We are not ready yet,” said Parchment, coached by Fitz Coleman. “We are being patient and taking it in stride. The aim is to be ready for the trials, which is the most important thing right now. So that is where the focus is. We are preparing for that as the main event and afterward, of course, the Olympics.”

The six-foot Jamaican highlighted the possibility of opening his season in April once his preparation reaches an acceptable level, emphasizing a patient approach to the season.

“Usually, I don’t run so many races if you watch the seasons,” he said. “My coach kind of stretched them out, strategic in which races he wants me to run because he wants to make sure that I am ready for each one. I just want to be focused on being patient and preparing properly as you know it’s a hurdle race and it’s very technical, so we want to get everything right.”

Looking ahead to the Jamaican Olympic trials, Parchment anticipates stiff competition, particularly from emerging young talent in the hurdles race.

“We have a lot of young talent, and the hurdles race is becoming more popular. I am looking for it to be challenging,” he said. “Everybody has to work hard for their spot including myself and that is why I know I have to prepare well because the youngsters coming for their glory.”

Addressing concerns about his start, the 33-year-old athlete remained unfazed.

“I am not worrying about any start. I have been working on it over the years. A slight improvement here and there. I have been able to come back so, I just try to focus and get the technique right and I have a feeling that this year I am going to get a better start.”

Parchment concluded the previous season on a high note, clinching the Diamond trophy at the Prefontaine Classic in Eugene’s Hayward Field on September 17 by defeating three-time world champion Grant Holloway of the USA. This victory, with a time of 12.93 (0.9m/s), not only improved his nine-year-old personal best but also marked a world lead. Before this, he secured a silver medal behind Holloway at the World Athletics Championships in Budapest, Hungary.

Parchment’s trophy cabinet also includes a silver medal at the 2015 World Championships in Beijing and a bronze at London 2012.