Health concerns on the rise: Sewage flood several streets in Kingston

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Health concerns on the rise as sewage flood several streets In Kingston

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Residents who live in Arnett Gardens, downtown Kingston and surrounding areas are calling for local authorities to carry out more visits in their communities to address the problem they are having with sewage overflowing several streets that run through these areas.

Residents say they are worried that if it is not addressed it could lead to a major health problem. 

A visit to several road ways over the last week showed some streets flooded with sewage to the point where residents have been avoiding these areas.

One such area was along Collie Smith Drive, in Arnett Gardens.

“This problem has been plaguing  us for a while and we are worried that if it is not address it could lead to major problems for our children,” said one mother from the area.

The parent said the problem had reached a stage where section of the street was covered with sewage and motorists using the roadway were not slowing down when travelling through the area so at any time people walking along the roadway could be spalshed.

“I worry even more before and after school for children who have to walk in the area,” said the mother.

The problem with sewage overflow was observed in some areas in Central Kingston, over on Darling Street close to Coronation Market .

Vendors plying their trade in the market said the sewage problem has made their lives a living hell.

“Right now our business continue to suffer, the stench from the sewage pushes away our customers daily,” said one vendor during a a recent interview.

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