Hefty fine for persons found with lobsters during closed season Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Persons found with lobsters during the closed season which runs from April 1 to June 30, 2024, will face a maximum fine of $3 million or two years in prison.

The National Fisheries Authority (NFA) is reminding Jamaicans that fishing for lobsters, including spiny lobsters, during the closed season is illegal.

A recent statement from the authority said persons found in breach of the law will be prosecuted.

“No spiny lobsters are to be held alive during the closed season in any holding device. However, spiny lobsters unintentionally captured in fishing gear must be immediately returned to the water, free, alive and unharmed,” the document said.

The closed season gives lobsters the freedom to breed and repopulate without being fished. This is an important feature of promoting the sustainability of Jamaica’s lobster product.

Meanwhile, the possession of tails from undersized or berried lobsters is strictly prohibited.

All lobsters that are found to carry eggs are considered berried lobsters.

Tails removed from the undersized lobsters can be measured to determine this infraction. Similarly, tails removed from berried lobsters can be inspected for positive signs that lobsters were berried.

“Lobsters that have not reached the minimum size of 7.62cm/3 inches measured from the eyes to the end of the carapace (back only, not including the tail) are illegal throughout the year and will continue to be enforced by the police, fishery inspectors, game wardens and other law enforcement officers,” the statement said.

For details, persons can contact the NFA by calling (876) 948-9014, (876) 948-6933 or (876) 967-2081.