Henry calls on NSWMA, Clarendon MC to resolve May Pen’s garbage woes | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Central Clarendon Member of Parliament (MP), Mike Henry, has called for the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) and the Clarendon Municipal Corporation to quickly and sustainably seek to erase a now longstanding garbage disposal problem in the parish capital, May Pen.

In a release on the matter, Henry said the situation calls for strong leadership and resolve at both agencies, which he said held responsibility for public sanitation at the national and parochial levels.

In reference to garbage pile-ups in the town, Henry said it cannot be acceptable for a parish capital in Jamaica, amid the celebration of the country’s 60th year of Independence, “to be often in the mess solid waste-wise, that May Pen has been in for some time now”.

He said as MP representing the town, his responsibility relative to the issue “is to raise hell when the people are seemingly being asked to bear with some of the lousiest garbage collection arrangements for a very long time, which I am doing right now!”

The MP said he has long indicated that both national and parochial planning in the country have been done on the basis of far less than the actual numbers in terms of community populations, and he believes that variance is now significantly accounting for problems like the present garbage collection debacle in places like May Pen.

He said there have been indications that the real-life population demands and residual impacts in places like Portmore, St Catherine have been posing significantly increased demands on the services of the NSWMA, which could be the reason why places like May Pen are “seemingly falling on the back-burner of national considerations by the authority”.

Henry said it should be appreciated that the NSWMA is naturally not resourced to meet the real and full requirements of the agency, so it is unlikely to be able to sustainably overcome its challenges under the present arrangements.

Henry added that as a legislator who has worked long and hard at building the country, “it is painful that at the time when national pride should be peaking amid the expected euphoria of the Jamaica 60 celebrations both locally and across the diaspora, people have to be bawling out for some decent garbage collection in a major town like May Pen.”

He said the municipal corporation should insist on a quick but sustainable fix for the problem, and the NSWMA should set about getting into a position to be able to do a much better job, such as that which it did last Christmas.