Holness says Jamaica open to investors of all ‘stripes’ | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

As the Government ramps up its push to secure new investments to boost the island’s economy, Prime Minister Andrew Holness has declared that Jamaica is open to investors, regardless of their political affiliations or general associations and beliefs.

“I am here… to say it really doesn’t matter to me where you come from or your affiliation or what are your views. If yuh coming to invest, talk to me,” stated Holness.

He was addressing the ground-breaking for the Kenneth ‘Skeng Don’ Black-led K and T Development Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) complex in Bloomfield, Mandeville recently.

Aside from being a prominent Manchester-based businessman, Black is a well-known staunch supporter of the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP).

In noting that politics has divided the country over the years, Holness said the Government of the day has a duty to ensure that there is equal opportunity for everyone in Jamaica, and that every citizen, “no matter (their) politics”, can contribute to investment.

“It is important to show that the Government has a duty to support everyone, regardless of affiliation, association, class, colour, creed or religion,” he indicated.

“This Government must ensure that there is equal opportunity for everyone in Jamaica, and that we create a level playing field for all business people,” added Holness.

According to him, some persons have expressed that there is “some discrimination” in the way the system is structured, creating a situation where “only some people can prosper, and only some people can get opportunity, and only some people have access.

“… And before they even approach the system, they start with that (mind-set),” the prime minister claimed.

“Politics have has divided us for too long…

“If you coming to build Jamaica, talk to me. You have a dream and a vision that is aligned with the dream and vision that we have espoused, and if you want to see Jamaica grow, talk to me,” urged Holness.

In commending Black for his investment in the BPO sector, the prime minister said the sector is expected to expand in the future with the establishment of more facilities soon.

He pointed to statistics which showed that approximately 48,000 people were employed in the sector prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, but now that number has jumped to 54,000 employees.

Holness indicated that the vision of the Government is for the sector to employ up to 300,000 Jamaicans over time.