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Denise Graham-Coke (right) hugs her son Naheme Stewart (left) in their newly built two-bedroom house gifted to them by Boom Energy Drink on April 13, 2022.

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Mother’s Day was extra special for two moms who are thankful to Wisynco’s Boom Energy Drink and Food For The Poor (FFTP) for replacing dark clouds with sunshine by giving them houses.

Life has thrown Denise Graham-Cooke some hard blows, which she survived on her own without the help of her mother.

As a teenager, Cooke came to Kingston to care for her sister’s child. She was denied the opportunity to go to school and “get something in her head”, and later, she was kicked out of the home and left to “kotch” and fend for herself.

Today, a resilient Cooke said she used every blow to build solid foundations in her six children – four now adults and the two youngest – 16 and seven.

“That treatment I got, that’s why I have to stand out and be a good mother to my kids. What I did not get, I always try to let them have it, especially the one girl because she come out with eight subjects,” she proudly stated.

Now, she can smile having had very little reason to for a long time. Cooke has strong faith and a close relationship with God that has helped her triumph over losing her husband and father of her youngest child, being abused and depression.

“I am living by faith, I am living by the grace of God. I have God with me and I have a roof over my head and I am so grateful. There is no way to describe how I feel,” she shared.

Still on cloud nine from Food For The Poor and Boom’s gift, Cooke advised mothers in a predicament such as hers or worse: “keep fighting, keep hoping, keep believing and trusting in God, just hold on”.

Stacey Rowe shows a thumbs up and a beaming smile on the veranda of her newly constructed two-bedroom house which was gifted to her and her family by BOOM Energy Drink in partnership with Food For The Poor (FFTP).

The other recipient of the BOOM and FFTP partnership Kaydeen Cole, daughter of Stacey Rowe and Donovan Cole, was eager for a new home ahead of Mother’s Day.

She expressed delight at having a facility to comfortably prepare a meal for her hardworking mother without worrying about going outside to cook.

“Do you know what it feels like to have a kitchen with cupboards, a sink where you can wash the dishes and comfortably prepare a meal?” she quipped.

“I plan on doing a special meal for her, and I don’t have to worry about any interruptions – that means a lot”.

Cole was grateful for the phone call that promised to transform the living situation of her mother, father and herself.

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