How to reduce waiting time to collect police record | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Security officials have called on individuals seeking to obtain police records to ensure that they were following necessary guidelines so as to reduce the length of time they have to wait to obtain such documents.

Local authorities said failure to follow guidelines could lead to longer waiting periods for individuals. Police said there have been cases of people failing to follow the required steps to apply and were turning up to obtain the mentioned documents.

Calls were made a day after Security Minister Horace Change led a tour of the office and saw the long lines members of the public were forced to wait in to obtain their police records.

More than US$5 million was expended to help modernise the Criminal Records Office and transform it from the previous automated, fingerprint and palm identification system to a multi-biometric identification system, however, the crowd problem continues.

“The demand for this kind of record has increased almost exponentially in recent times, traditionally for those seeking expungement but more critically for work spaces. People are going overseas to work, people are working in the local business outsourcing services. An increased number of employers in Jamaica require individuals to have their records identified,” said Chang.

In light of these concern police have again sought to outline the steps persons were required to take.