Husband recalls deadly Essequibo beach tragedy

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L-R; Kewattie Lallbacchan and Akeesia Tyrell

One day before she celebrated her 25th birthday, Akeesia Tryell, known as “Kiki”, drowned during a family outing at the popular Feather Beach, Lima Sands, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam), along with her 25-year-old friend, Kewattie Lallbacchan.

Tyrell’s husband, Joel Christopher Lead, is still struggling to come to grips with her death, and told this publication on Monday that his wife was the closest person to him and they shared a strong bond, since they were high school sweethearts.

He said he was at the beach, under the benab when he heard a loud screaming from his sister saying that his wife gone down in the water.

“My sister start scream, saying ‘Joel, Joel yuh wife gone down’… I run with speed and plunge into the water searching for my wife… I come out and we see bubble in the water and I jump in back when I feel and pick up the person is my wife friend. I went and search and search and after 45 minutes I find her…her skin was white white and I burst in tears knowing my wife is dead,” he related.

He added, “When the children see we pull out their mother from the water they started to cry asking if mommy dead? … My wife was the closest person to me and we had so many plans for the future…we buy car and so it’s coming a few days from now and my wife is gone. All my plan with her is scattered all I need was to get my wife all she wanted and we working and getting closer and now she can’t inherit anything she gone too soon.”

The distraught husband said that he tried eating but does not have the appetite.

However, he added that he has to stay strong for his three children. He added that he will never give up on his children. He said in his eight years of marriage, he and his wife never had any major dispute.

“My wife was so loving she make sure she look after my children, give them education while I go work to provide for them… she make sure my lunch is packed every day and my children be happy… she was so loving and caring, always want to build a happy family and open a business, buy house and land and car and we getting there and now she gone… my wife is gone,” the distraught husband said.

The lifeless bodies of 25-year-old Kawattie Lallbacchan of Anna Regina and 24-year-old Akeisha Tyrell of La Belle Alliance, Region Two, were pulled from Feather Beach at Lima Sands on the Essequibo Coast on Sunday.

The women, who have three children each, were among family members who visited the popular location. However, after some time in the water, the women were not seen and an alarm was raised.

They were both rushed to the Suddie Public Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.