”I am 100 per cent Jamaican!’ says Johnson Smith Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade Minister, Senator Kamina Johnson Smith, has dismissed assertions that she holds dual citizenship.

The denial comes as bloggers attached to the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) have been circulating images of Johnson Smith purporting that she is a British citizen.

Johnson Smith, in a video on her Instagram page on Friday, scoffed at the claims.

She captioned the video with the words: “I guess desperation is really setting in… #GotItWrongAgain #100 per cent Jamaican.”

In taking note of the erroneous graphics being circulated, the minister said she could not figure out how such an assertion could have been made about her citizenship status.

“My father born in Kingston, my mother born in Trelawny, (and) I born in Kingston. I am 100 per cent Jamaican, and guess what? No matter how they maths it out, Markie British (Mark Golding) is still British,” said Johnson Smith.

“Leave me out of this one,” she concluded with a chuckle while walking.

The 24-second video then ends.

The dual citizenship saga continues to gain traction locally after Opposition Leader Mark Golding disclosed recently that is a British citizen, and despite pressure for him to renounce it, he has maintained that he will not be rushed into doing so.

Cabinet Minister, Senator Matthew Samuda, disclosed on Thursday that he is a British citizen as well, but he has started the process of renouncing the citizenship.

Since that disclosure, PNP bloggers are continuing to question which other politicians attached to the governing Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) hold dual nationality.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness has said that an individual seeking leadership at the levels of prime minister and Opposition leader should not have dual citizenship.

However, he has said he has no difficulty with members of the diaspora serving in Parliament, but indicated that they should swear allegiance to Jamaica.