INDECOM probe: ‘Man seen running with gun shot dead in Spanish Town’ | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Two teams from the Independent Commission of Investigations’ (INDECOM’s) South Eastern Regional Office responded to and began investigations into two separate fatal shooting incidents, by the police.

The two incidents, which resulted in the death of two men, occurred in St Catherine and St Mary.

The deceased men have been identified as 25-year-old Robert Duncan and 42-year-old Marlon Bell respectively.

One firearm was reported as recovered from each incident scene – a Ruger 9mm pistol with a partial serial number and a Colt pistol with a serial number.

The hands of both deceased men were tested for gunshot residue, and their bodies were photographed and sealed for storage, pending a post-mortem examination.

The first incident scene occurred at the intersection of William and French Streets in Spanish Town, St Catherine in the afternoon of June 14.

The fatal incident involved one off-duty police officer who is alleged to have fired at a man, who was seen running towards him with a firearm pointed at him (police officer).

The second incident happened in the early morning of June 15, in the community of Crab Hall in Annotto Bay, St Mary. The police have reported that three officers, acting on information, went to premises where an exchange of gunfire ensued, and a man was subsequently seen with gunshot injuries.

Both men were taken to the public hospitals in the respective parishes, where they were pronounced dead.