INDECOM probing 19 fatal shootings by cops for month of October Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Independent Commission of Investigations (INDECOM) responded to and commenced investigations into three separate police fatal shooting incidents on the weekend of October 22-23, increasing the total to 19 security force fatal incidents for that month.

The three fatal shooting incidents occurred in Rocky Point, Clarendon; Rockfort, Kingston East and Nain, St. Elizabeth, resulting in the death of three men and the reported recovery of two firearms from the incident scenes, INDECOM stated in a release.

The deceased man involved in the incident in Nain, St Elizabeth, has been identified as 24-year-old, Towain Morrison. The other two men remain unidentified at this time.

“As an independent oversight organization, INDECOM’s investigations into these incidents are to assess if the necessary, justifiable, and proportionate use of force was used in each circumstance. This assessment will include the review of evidentiary material, witness canvassing, statement collection, and interviews of concerned officers,” the Commission stated in a release.

The Commission also emphasized the importance of the introduction of the use of body-worn cameras in investigations and case reviews of incidents, especially where lethal force is used.

“In at least one incident on the weekend, the use of video footage by civilians has aided in a clearer appreciation of the circumstances of the incident. Video footage serves to protect all concerned parties, and members of the public are encouraged to officially share such evidence with INDECOM Investigators,” the release said.

INDECOM also appealed for the public’s assistance in identifying the deceased men in the incidents which occurred at Rocky Point on October 22 and Rockfort on October 23. To assist in the investigative process, contact the Commission’s Head Office or send the information, photos, or videos to INDECOM’s official WhatsApp at (876)553-5555.