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The President of India, Ram Nath Kovind, has highlighted several areas of possible cooperation and collaboration between Jamaica and his Far East country, which can be tapped for the mutual benefit of both.

Kovind, who began a four-day State visit to Jamaica on Sunday as the Caribbean country continues to celebrate 60 years of independence from Britain, addressed a special joint sitting of the Jamaican Parliament Tuesday morning.

He referenced education, sports and tourism as well as entertainment as areas where both countries could work together at a higher level.

The President noted that India, under its National Education Policy, was planning to start new Indian Institutes of Technology abroad.

“I am happy that Jamaica is one of the first countries to express interest in hosting an Indian Institute of Technology,” he said to applause.

Kovind also noted that India’s national education policy has opened up specialised, technical courses in premier Indian colleges and universities for foreign students.

“Jamaican students should take advantage of this opportunity by studying at some of the best institutions, respected globally [and] charging only a fraction of the cost compared to Western institutions,” he added.

President of the Republic of India Ram Nath Kovind (left) with Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right) and Opposition Leader Mark Golding at Gordon House on Tuesday.

The first President of India to visit Jamaica, Kovind said Jamaica’s geographical location in the vicinity of some of the largest global economies and its talented pool of English-speaking youth provide it with an excellent opportunity to become a knowledge highway and benefit from the fourth industrial revolution.

He told the Parliament that India shares Jamaica’s Vision 2030 goals of empowering its people and ensuring a single, cohesive and just society by becoming a prosperous and sustainable economy.

To this end, he said India was ready to partner with Jamaica and share its technical skills, knowledge and expertise, which could transform Jamaica’s education and businesses.

Kovind pointed out that top Jamaican businesses already source software from India and benefit from technical support from companies based there. He also noted that both countries are already cooperating under the international solar alliance for reducing carbon footprint.

“There’s also great potential for partnering in the railway and agriculture sectors…” he stated.

Kovind also said that for a country with fewer than three million people, “it is amazing to see Jamaica’s dominance in athletics at the Olympics, World Championships and other premier sporting events.

“Sometimes we feel jealous of you,” he said to laughter.

The President said India will look to Jamaica for help in developing its sporting sector, in particular athletics, as well as in music and entertainment where he sees mutual benefits. He also mentioned possible collaboration in hospitality and tourism.