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The Island Traffic Authority (ITA) will resume the test driving of vehicles during the inspection process at all ITA examination depots as of today, December 1.

Almost two years ago, specifically in March 2020, the Island Traffic Authority had implemented the precautionary measure of not allowing inspectors to drive customers’ motor vehicles due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Director of the ITA, Kenute Hare, said, with the country returning to pre-pandemic operations, approval has been given for the critical procedure to be carried out at the depots, during the process for the granting certificates of fitness.

“This is fundamentally necessary, as it is only through test driving the motor vehicle that we are able to identify some critical issues that could, possibly, be a threat to Jamaica’s road and vehicular safety operations,” he explained.

The ITA said test driving vehicles allow inspectors to look for certain issues, such as the effectiveness of the braking system, and to determine if vehicles continue in a straight line when the brakes are applied.

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