International Friendship Day: 10 of the best friendship traits Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

When it comes to friendships, you are always going to be closer to some people than others. While many friends may fall into the “casual acquaintance” category, a special few sit comfortably within your inner circle of ride-or-die besties.

There are plenty of unique qualities that set a truly good friend apart, but chances are, you’ve never taken a moment to sit and think about what those traits are exactly.

So, this begs the question: How does someone make the cut, so to speak, and become one of your closest friends?

Let’s take a look at 10 of the best friendship traits you can look out for or share with someone you already know.

They’re trustworthy

Every relationship needs trust as a core quality, and friendships are no exception. Our friends should offer us caring, honest feedback, even when it might hurt. This creates a safe environment for everyone to discover themselves and grow.

They’re supportive

Supportive friends are a lifeline! Good friends offer us various kinds of support, such as emotional support when we’re feeling insecure and information support when we need to know how to handle problems or deal with ambiguities. This in turn gives us the reinforcement and encouragement we need to face life’s many demands.

They accept you as you are

You’re probably comfortable around your good friends because you can be yourself around them. A good friend is someone who will unconditionally accept you as you are, but will never be afraid to tell you the unpleasant truth of a situation or your behaviour.

They actively listen

While any friend may listen to what you have to say, a great friend actively listens and engages with you.

They show up during tough times

While it’s easy to be there for somebody during good times, it’s even more amazing to be there for them during the not-so-good periods of life. They help clean up after the party, come to your parent’s funeral, and pick you up from that doctor’s appointment you’ve been dreading. All the fun memories are easy to make, but these critical times are the true test of a friendship.

They have your best interest in mind

Sometimes, you may feel as though your good friends know you better than you know yourself. They root for you even when you aren’t feeling like your own biggest fan. Good friends will continually build you up, remind you how great you really are, and support you as you learn and grow throughout your life.

They’re loyal

You know that friend who drops everything to help you out? That’s the definition of a good friend. Loyal friends lighten our load and help shoulder the inevitable hurdles, stresses, and crises life throws at us.

They respect your differences

While it’s important to share interests, even best friends don’t have everything in common. The fact that friends aren’t exact clones of each other is what makes platonic relationships so fun and worthwhile. A good friend will understand this and respect the differences between you two.

They celebrate with you

When your bestie wins, it feels like you win, too. Not only should a good friend be supportive, but they should also be able to celebrate you and your successes in life.

They’re forgiving

In friendships (and in life) nobody’s perfect, and a good friend recognizes that. Friends recognize that people make mistakes and they also realize that people are different and even good friends don’t always agree or think the same about every issue.