Island Child Style: Fourth time’s the charm! Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

There have been months of pent-up expectations, several weeks of training and countless effort put into the return of the region’s biggest children’s fashion show.

Island Child Style, the Caribbean’s premier fashion event for children way event – an ardent of regional fashion and designers – was once again placed on calendars for a 2022 return.

Naturally, a production of its magnitude would be next to impossible without the support of sponsors, parents, models, and guests. Indeed, it takes a village.

On December 3, the triumvirate team of style director Norma Williams, runway coach Brandon Ferguson, and executive director Michelle Gordon reined their village to deliver a fourth show-stopping performance, this time at the historic Naval Dockyard in Port Royal.

Over 120 young’uns hit the runway in designs from Theodore Elyett from Barbados; Anthony Reid for Meiling out of the Twin-Island Republic; and Jamaican designers Ziggy Marley x Appaman, Pebbles King and Kadian Nicely; and child designers King Blessed and Logan Watkins, among other creatives.

While the lulls in between shows were relatively short, some patrons found favour mulling around the CPJ cocktail bar for neat or fruit-infused cocktails; grabbing a bite from the Bad Dawg sausage stand, or warming up with sips of Milo from Nestl?.

The pandemic – and imminent pause on social activity – gave room for changes in the way art and entertainment is presented to patrons. The change reminded the ICS team to exercise caution – Vitamin B shots from Haliborange were available for children and adults alike.

There were, of course, shortcomings, and minor delays to our Port Royal playdate.

Kids and adults tripping over the lighting truss stand – a note for the logistics team – and the fact that there was only one food supplier for over 300 guests, meant that food security was a topic of discussion at every intermission – intended or impromptu.

There were some guests – parents included that couldn’t understand the point of Port Royal – “why didn’t they just keep it at AC?” one parent asked.

Whether it was the sojourn to the seaside that brought on the confusion or the fact that Kingston Harbour was so near yet so far, is still up in the air.

All in all, nothing compared to the fashion, sheer joy and apparent determination expressed by the children; the ICS team outdid themselves.

And, when Uncle Brandon, Aunty Michelle, and Aunty Norma had a moment to spare – they took a well-deserved pause for applause.