ISL’s new location to serve as headquarters and flagship store Loop Jamaica

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Electronics retailer Innovative Systems Limited (ISL) has recently taken a significant step towards its expansion plan by leasing a property on Constant Spring Road in Kingston.

This move comes as part of the company’s strategy to grow its presence in the market.

ISL specialises in a wide range of tech gadgets, including home and business computers, laptops, accessories, speakers, and printers.

ISL’s expansion plans were set in motion following its acquisition by Growth Tech Limited inTo establishlishing an ISL Business Centre, the company has been actively seeking opportunities to enhance its operations. The chosen location on Constant Spring Road presented several advantages that caught the attention of ISL’s management.

Garth Walker, the Executive Chairman of Innovative Systems Limited, explained the rationale behind selecting this particular property. “As we continue to explore avenues for expansion, we carefully considered the potential benefits of each opportunity. In our research on the area, we discovered that the constant flow of pedestrian and vehicular traffic along the Constant Spring corridor translates into thousands of potential cudailyly basis.”

In addition to offering a wide range of tech gadgets, Innovative Systems Limited also provides various services, including printing, binding, photocopying, and graphic designing through its Biz Centre.

The newly leased property will serve as the flagship store, housing the finance, sales, marketing, purchasing, and executive offices all under one roof. This consolidation of departments will streamline operations and enhance efficiency.

“With an area of approximately 3,800 square feet, this will be our largest store to date,” Walker stated. “It will encompass all our departments and house our biggest Biz Centre, enabling us to offer an expanded range of services. This location will serve as our head office, allowing us to benefit from cost savings and synergies across our operations.”

After months of diligent work on this transaction, Innovative Systems Limited plans to commence operations at the new location just in time for the Christmas season. This strategic timing aims to leverage the increased consumer spending during the festive period.

Walker expressed his confidence future prospects of the company.

“We are thrilled and optimistic about this first-world execution that we are embarking on,” he said. “We anticipate that this location will generate an additional 35 per cent in business for us, which is truly exciting. We are working tirelessly to have the new location fully operational by December, enabling us to capitalise on the Christmas season and provide an enhanced experience for our valued customers.”