ITA wants cops to ‘pay attention’ to private vehicles with loud music | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

With the police having clamped down on public passenger vehicles with loud music in the past, Director of the Island Traffic Authority (ITA), Kenute Hare, believes the same should apply to private passenger vehicles that are creating noise nuisance.

In fact, he told Loop News in a recent interview that he intends to discuss measures to address the noise levels created by operators of private motor vehicles who install loudspeakers in their units with the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s traffic division, the Public Safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch.

“We are not in support of noise level. We believe strongly [that] there needs to be proper decorum of our people, whether private or public [motor vehicle operators].

“So what I will do, I will speak to the police about that matter and ask the police to pay attention to that matter, too, because we cannot be destroying our eardrums and destroying other people’s eardrums,” he said.

Some motorists across the country have turned their vehicles into mobile sound systems by installing loudspeakers in different sections of the units. One of the most common places these speakers can be seen is at the rear windows, which are usually rolled down, seemingly for maximum impact.

While traversing or parked in public spaces, motorists increase the volume of the music coming from these vehicles, which can become a noise nuisance for those in close proximity.

According to Hare, he has witnessed police officers taking action against motorists for the noise emitted from their private motor vehicles.

“I am certain that the police are able to address that matter for private motor vehicles. If they are disturbing people noisily, police know what to do, because I have seen police officers stop them and prosecute them,” he told Loop News.