Ity, ‘Titus’, actress Sherando Ferril to host new comedy series on TVJ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Imagine comedians Ian ‘Ity’ Ellis, Glen ‘Titus’ Campbell and Hollywood actress Sherando Ferril being in one room with kids who are free to say whatever they want. Now imagine how completely hilarious a time that would be!

Well, imagine no more!

“In what promises to be one of the most exciting and top-rated shows in the history of local television, kids from ages five to 10 years will be saying the most jaw-dropping of things as the new show ‘Kids Talk – Anything and Everything’ kicks off on Tuesday, August 2 on TVJ at 8:30 pm,” said a release announcing the show.

“And as if what will come from the mouths of these little ones were not enough to have you in stitches, the line-up of hosts is sure to have you rolling on the floor,” the release added.

This 13-part series will be hosted by these comedians, while behind-the-scenes feature events will be hosted by Ngozi Wright, the 9-year-old child star who captured the hearts of many people locally and internationally with her positive messages through poetry, and who, in 2019, became the youngest person to speak in the Jamaican Parliament.

During Kids Talk — Anything and Everything, the children will be showcasing their talents and allowed to speak on a variety of subjects while the hosts will be picking their brains on matters related to relationships, politics, religion, families, education, money — you name it.

Each of the three on-stage celebrities will take turns as host for different episodes each week, but will come together on one stage for the one-hour-long grand finale?. Thus creating history as it will be the first time ever that ‘Ity’ and ‘Titus’ be sharing the same stage. All four hosts will gather for this grand event.

“Kids Talk — Anything and Everything will allow adults to better understand how the minds of children work, and that kids — no matter how young, do have opinions on just about everything,” said Alrick McKenzie, creator, executive producer and the CEO of Absolut Ventures Ltd, producer of the show.

“This show will make you realise that children do have a voice — even if their opinions are different from ours. Two things will be guaranteed, we will learn a lot from them and we will laugh our hearts out!”

The weekly show is recorded in front of a live studio audience.

McKenzie is the creator of several television shows including ‘The Love Zone — New Chapter’, now airing on TVJ Sundays at 4:00 pm, and ‘Family Food Battle’, also airing on TVJ Sundays at 5:30 pm.

Both shows, which are into their 6th week, have been a hit with viewers across the island. Kids Talk — Anything and Everything is slated to be no different, and is expected to capture a viewing audience of over 600,000 per week.

“It is really a very fun show. These kids will have you doubling over in tears by the strangest things that they come up with,” McKenzie laughs. “And whatever they come up with are not rehearsed or told to them. They speak innocently from their hearts,” he added. “This is yet another very good show that the entire family can enjoy. And can I tell you — the hosts are even more hilarious than these kids themselves so you will definitely have something to enjoy.”

McKenzie, through Absolut Ventures, has produced a number of highly rated shows like ‘The Alrick McKenzie Show’, ‘Sweet Bake Challenge’, ‘Mix It Bartender Challenge’, ‘Freestyle Football Reality Show’ and the ‘Gillette Honour Roll’ among others. He has also produced more than 200 radio and television commercials aired locally and internationally.

And while Kids Talk — Anything and Everything is the third show to debut within the last two months through Absolut Ventures, McKenzie said others are to come during the course of this year.