J Wray and Nephew announces latest Responsible Drinking Campaign Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

J Wray &Nephew Limited (JWN), the leading producer of spirits in Jamaica, today, announced its 2023 responsible drinking campaign, “Party Proppa.”

The campaign which occurs bi-annually is one tool in the company’s arsenal for encouraging the responsible consumption of alcohol by persons over the legal drinking age.

As responsible corporate citizens, (JWN) is joining forces with key stakeholders and institutional partners to implement responsible practices to safeguard consumers.

The “Party Proppa” campaign encourages responsible drinking by educating individuals so they can make informed choices about their alcohol consumption.

J Wray and Nephew said it is committed to playing an active role in minimising alcohol-related harm in Jamaica and believes that education and awareness are key to achieving this goal.

According to the WHO Global Status Report, 2018, heavy episodic drinking (HED) has fallen by more than seven per cent in the Americas between 2010 and 2016, and nearly five per cent globally.

“Not only is the prevalence of current drinkers going down in some parts of the world but, even among those who continue to drink, the prevalence of individuals drinking in heavy drinking sessions is decreasing,” says the report.

Based on a more recent study on the World population review on ‘Alcohol by Consumption by Country in 2023’, Jamaica has one of the lowest alcohol consumptions in the Americas and in the Caribbean at 4.16 litres of pure alcohol per capita.

“We are proud of the progress that we have made, and we are very encouraged by the findings of the WHO Global Health Report,” shared JWN’s Senior Public Affairs and Sustainability Director, Tanikie McClarthy Allen.

“We recognise that the work doesn’t stop here, and this campaign is another step in the right direction to self-regulate by players in the spirits industry. With the reopening of the entertainment industry, we decided to take the messaging outside and to reinforce the safe practices. This year we started with teasers at Reggae Sumfest and Dream Weekend, two of summer’s biggest parties. “We will continue with an energised campaign via our digital channels and for the first time, JWN will be taking our responsible drinking campaign directly to the trade,” she ended.

The “Proppa Vibes” campaign will utilise the reach of key influencers, with strong followings on social media, to appeal to a wide cross section of consumers of alcoholic beverages with a particular emphasis on young adult drinkers. It will also feature a campaign anthem by popular artiste La Lee.

Demonstrating its commitment to responsible drinking, JWN has gone beyond its bi-annual campaign, and implemented several initiatives.

Between 2020 and 2022, JWN completed label updates on 57 product lines (SKUs); made available nutritional information on Campari Group info website in 2022.

“This campaign aims to create a culture of responsible drinking by shaping people’s attitudes towards alcohol in a way that is respected. It does this by showing that moderate consumption can support a well-balanced lifestyle.”

Clement ‘Jimmy’ Lawrence, Chairman of the Spirits Pool Association, also expressed his enthusiasm for the “Party Proppa” campaign, stating, “We believe that responsible drinking is a shared responsibility. Through the ‘Party Proppa’ campaign, we aim to foster a culture of moderation and empower individuals to make responsible choices about their alcohol consumption. We are proud to collaborate with all alcohol stakeholders in Jamaica and work together towards a healthier future.”

This campaign by JWN is another step in the right direction to adequately arm our consumers with the tools to make informed decisions,” he ended.

JWN invites all Jamaicans to join the “Party Proppa” campaign and be part of this important movement towards responsible drinking.