JAAA blames JADCo after WA fails to ratify U20 girls’ 4x100m record | Loop Jamaica

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The Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association (JAAA) is pointing the finger of blame at the Jamaica Anti-doping Commission (JADCo) for the decision taken by World Athletics not to ratify the world record of 42.58 seconds set by Jamaica’s under-20 girls’ 4x100m relay team at the 49th staging of the Carifta Games in Kingston in April.

The JAAA, in a terse statement Wednesday afternoon, said JADCo disregarded its instructions.

The decision not to ratify the record was taken by World Athletics because one member of the quartet – Tina Clayton, was not tested on the night after the world-record performance.

“It is a fact that all four athletes were notified by JADCo officials and presented themselves to the anti-doping station within the required time window to be tested,” the JAAA said in its statement.

“Unfortunately, JADCo took the decision, unknown to the JAAA and the NACAC’s Anti-doping delegate, not to test the athlete based on a JADCo standard. This was in direct contradiction to oral and written instructions by the JAAA,” the statement added.

Continuing, the statement said, “it is to be noted that JADCo is the agency that performs anti-doping testing on our athletes both in and out of competition on behalf of the JAAA and was contracted to do so at the NACAC 2022 Carifta Games”.

News of the shocking development began circulating Wednesday afternoon, forcing JADCo to admit that it had only tested three of the four members of the team.

It sought to explain why all four members of the team were not subjected to doping control.

“The event was won by the Jamaican team which was comprised of four female athletes. They completed the race with a world record of 42.58. Doping control was conducted immediately on three of the female athletes,” JADCo outlined in a statement.

“Since one of the athletes was already tested on the 16th of April 2022, a urine sample was not collected from this athlete on the 17th of April 2022. It is customary and in JADCo’s best practice in-competition, that if an athlete is tested today in competition, the said athlete would not be tested the following day in competition.”

JADCo claimed it was instructed to carry out a specific number of tests for each day of the three-day championships that were held inside the National Stadium.

It said: “The Jamaica Anti-Doping Commission was contracted by the Jamaica Athletics Administrative Association to conduct 18 urine samples throughout the 49th staging of the CARIFTA Games. The Commission was advised to carry out six urine tests per day with testing being done on any athlete who achieved a national/world record.

On April 16, 2022, six athletes were tested – three Jamaican female athletes, two male Jamaican athletes, and one male athlete from the Bahamas.

On April 17, the day the world record was broken, JADCo tested nine athletes – six Jamaican female athletes, one Jamaican male athlete, one female athlete from the US Virgin Islands, and one male athlete from the Bahamas.

Six more athletes were tested on April 18, 2022 – three Jamaican male athletes, one Jamaican female athlete, one male athlete from Curacao, and one female athlete from the Bahamas.

JADCo said that in the future it will ensure that all athletes breaking records are tested.

The quartet of Serena Cole, Brianna Lyston, and twin sisters Tia and Tina Clayton set the record which has been denied ratification. Of note is that despite the setback, Jamaica still holds the record in the event with the 42.94 seconds that was set at the World U20 Championships in Kenya in August 2021. On that occasion, the quartet included Serena Cole, Tina and Tia Clayton, and Kerrica Hill.