Jackie Jackson unveils new season’s focus in ‘Psychology Of’ Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Juggling seems to be the order of the day for creatives as they are often involved in several activities at once.

Executive producer and host of the television series “Psychology Of” and founder of multimedia company Ideate That Limited, Jackie Jacqueline Jackson, knows all too well about handling multiple projects.

Speaking with Loop News ahead of the release of the third season of “Psychology Of”, Jackson, who also serves as Jamaica’s Film Commissioner, extolled the virtues of being able to strategise to execute one’s ideas.

“I think that it is important for people to understand that creatives can do more than one thing and excel at those things if they are organised, strategic and prepared,” Jackson said.

“I know a lot of creatives who are always creating, but it never passes that stage of development. It is important to develop your ideations strategically. If the idea isn’t planned and developed in the preproduction stage, it will never get to execution. Strategy is 100 per cent important in anything that you do,” she advised. 

Jackson has also produced an adult colouring book she launched in celebration of Mental Health Day. The product is celebrating its first anniversary, she said, noting plans to add another version in the coming months.

“I’m working on a second colouring book for all ages so everyone can take part,” she said, adding the books have been a hit with children.

The idea for the colouring books came from gifts she sent to friends during the pandemic as tokens to help them cope with the ravages of being isolated and the emotional fallout that the pandemic brought for many people.

“People were stressed. I bought adult colouring books for my friends because I was introduced to adult colouring as therapy in the US, but Jamaicans aren’t into that. We don’t talk about mental health,” she said.

The colouring books overcame the initial scepticism and won over the market, the ideator said. 

“That’s how you create. You identify a void and fill it,” she said.  

Introduced to a world of performing arts through the church and drama classes as a child, Jackson said she has always wanted to create a television programme that showcases Jamaican culture.

Her work with several local productions, such as Digicel Rising Stars, and Smile Jamaica and Larry Wilmore’s Comedy Central, inspired her to bring her “Psychology Of” to market. 

In its upcoming season to be aired on TVJ, the show will explore the theme of ‘bread,’ a colloquial term for money, following previous seasons that delved into infidelity (‘bun’) and envy (‘badmind’).