Jada Kingdom Debuts “What’s Up (Big Buddy)” On Dutty Money Riddim

The content originally appeared on: Urban Islandz

Jada Kingdom has released her Dutty Money Riddim track “What’s Up (Big Buddy)” as the first female artiste to officially get the blessings of producer Tariq ‘Rvssian‘ Johnston.

The track was released early on Tuesday, shortly after Jada Kingdom dropped her diss track for fellow dancehall artiste Stefflon Don. She and the artiste have supposedly been beefing over Jada’s fling with Burna Boy last year and have dropped their respective disses.

Stefflon seems to be getting a lot more attention as an overseas-based Jamaica as her track “Don Cullinan” is now trending at No. 3 in Jamaica on YouTube. Jada Kingdom is also holding her own as her song, released around midday on Tuesday, racked up 32k views and thousands of comments and likes for the video on her Vevo account.

As she promoted the Dutty Money track, the artiste hinted that she was done with the back and forth with Stefflon.

“For everyone who’s saying “War start” War jus done! Well for me that us… I’m in a happy and healthy relationship now, I won’t be prolonging this nonsense,” she wrote on Instagram Stories.

She added, “Let me make this clear! I only responded for my respect and for my culture. She’s the only one beefing over a man I obviously don’t want. It’s ridiculous but a suh it guh more while. Any I said my piece suh mi good, gwan enjoy unu self.”

Stefflon Don has not responded to her. As for Jada’s latest track, fans loved the song, especially the men.

“In the criminal justice system, lyrically based offenses are considered especially heinous. In Jamaica, the dedicated detectives who investigate these vicious felonies are members of an elite squad known as the Special Blotclaat Unit. These are their stories. Dah-Dum,” fellow artiste Shaneil Muir said.

“Jada Kingdom was just placed on the world’s most wanted list for homicide. Dammmmm,” another said. “That dead Twinkle she can’t come back from this,” another said.

Producer Rvssian also joked about the clash between Stefflon Don and Jada Kingdom. “Right about now, there is too much war going on, and I’m about to ride out of town, man,” the producer jokingly said while wearing a cowboy hat.