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The Jamaica Bankers Association (JBA) is urging customers of deposit-taking institutions, consumers, business owners and the general public to take all necessary measures to safeguard themselves and their valuable assets, especially in light of the ongoing security risks associated with handling cash.   “With the Christmas season upon us, the JBA recognises the importance of promoting safe utilisation of banking services; doing business generally and safe shopping practices,” the association said. 

To this end, the JBA is urging customers to utilise digital payment platforms and opt for secure digital payment methods such as using mobile and online banking, credit, debit and contactless cards, or online payment gateways when making purchases.

The JBA said while it is recommended to prioritise online and electronic transactions, it understands that some individuals will still need to use cash for various reasons.

For those consumers who cannot avoid using cash, here are a few tips to help mitigate the risks associated with handling physical currency: 1. Plan your cash withdrawals – Before heading out, estimate the amount of cash you will need and withdraw only what is necessary. By minimising the amount of cash you carry, you reduce the potential loss or risk associated with large sums of money. 2. Be alert when using ABMs or entering or exiting branches – When withdrawing cash, opt for ABMs located in well-lit, high-traffic areas. These locations typically have increased security measures and surveillance systems, providing an added layer of safety. 3. Be discreet when handling cash – Keep the cash securely concealed in your wallet or purse until needed, and try not to display large amounts of money in public. 4. Do not store cash at home – Avoid sharing information about cash holdings with others to maintain confidentiality. 5. Pay close attention to your surroundings – At this time of the year it is important to be extra vigilant of persons and circumstances close to you. Ensure that you are not being followed after shopping or leaving the ABM.   Additionally, the JBA is urging Jamaicans to exercise care when shopping online.  Choose reputable companies to transact with. Check if sites are secure by looking for the lock symbol in the web address. Be suspicious of emails or deals from unfamiliar persons and remember never to share confidential information such as your debit or credit card PINs or banking or online or mobile passwords with anyone, it said.  The JBA went on to recognise the efforts of all its security partners in protecting the public and implores all customers to be vigilant and adopt the best practices shared to stay safe during the holiday season.  

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