Jamaica celebrates World Productivity Day | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

World Productivity Day is observed worldwide each year on June 20 in recognisation of the value and best practices of productivity.

The day provides opportunities for suppliers of productivity tools and training to highlight advances in their respective sectors.

Locally, the Jamaica Productivity Centre (JPC), an arm of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, recognised World Productivity Day through its annual Productivity Forum. The JPC used this year’s forum to continue its work in bringing attention to the important issue of productivity, and staying true to its mission of providing customised, high-impact, innovative productivity solutions for sustained individual and organisational growth.

This year’s Productivity Forum was held on Monday, June 20 at the Terra Nova Hotel in St Andrew under the theme, ‘Productivity in a Digitised World’. The theme provided a peek into the future and how productivity output will be heavily dependent on the digital transformation process.

“Technology is efficiently organising our lives – we rely on GPS for directions; SIRI answers our queries; and we have self-driving cars using Artificial Intelligence. Imagine, therefore, how these same technological advances could help firms and businesses, employees and people to use productive resources more efficiently and effectively to gain a competitive edge,” stated Labour and Social Security Minister, Karl Samuda, at the forum.

Human capital development and innovation were two key areas of focus outlined during the panel discussion. In congratulating the JPC on meeting its mandate to ensure ‘productivity being everybody’s business’ via collaborations, Permanent Secretary, Colette Roberts Risden, cited the need “to facilitate training seminars: to educate middle and senior managers, supervisors and HR professionals, which will equip them with the necessary tools to design greater efficiency into their processes, and how to use productivity data to inform and enhance decision-making.”

In his remarks honouring World Productivity Day, Prime Minister Andrew Holness said that “in order for Jamaica to become the place of choice to live, work, raise families and do business, we must place greater emphasis on our productivity. In this regard, on World Productivity Day, let us strive to increase our productivity, and to make Jamaica the productivity centre of the region.”

A key highlight of the event was the Productivity and Innovation Competition Awards 2022. The student segment was won by the UTECH team led by Hugh Cargill, the innovator behind the biodegradable mask made from natural fibres. Top prize in the corporate category went to Black Ink Limited, with the Amber Group a close second.