Jamaica I See: Float like a butterfly, sting like a…kite’s razor? Loop Jamaica

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Peak kite-flying season

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In the western world, this showdown of kites could easily be described as ‘how the west was won’. But, in this Kingston city neighbourhood, the flight of kites is a friendly game played by youngsters.

The games takes many forms and challenges. Some days it’s about the kite that goes the furthest, the kite with the longest tail, the kite with the loudest ‘zinger’ (not a KFC sandwich but the flappers that ‘zing’ when it meets the air), or sometimes it’s about the kite with the sharpest razor — which sometimes come in handy when the competition gets to the point of savagery.

Watch as these three kites float away and the game gets tense until it’s game over for one lone kite. 

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