Jamaican entrepreneurs develop ‘Airbnb of venues’ app | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

As the Jamaican entertainment sector returns to normalcy after almost three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, the young and old alike are excited about the reopening of the industry.

Whether it’s a formal or informal event, most people are keen to spend time with their colleagues, friends, and loved ones after being socially isolated for so long.

The relaxation of COVID-19 regulations, on the other hand, has caught many people off guard, as they are now scrambling to plan their upcoming events.

Couple and business partners Tamara Gibson and Kevear Clunie sought to solve this problem long before the pandemic with their Jamaica Venues App.

Established in 2018, Jamaica Venues (JV) aims to provide customers with the ultimate platform for their event planning needs. Whether it’s a wedding, conference, birthday celebration, corporate event or cocktail party, the app supports them.

Dubbed the “Airbnb of Venue Apps”, the platform promotes large and small, traditional and non-traditional venues across the island. The platform allows people to build their events online and receive an instant quote from the venue of their choice.

Gibson said the idea of JV was born out of necessity.

“Jamaica Venues was born out of the need for a comprehensive list of venues as we were always the go-to persons for recommendations on where to host events,” she added, “now, we are able to provide digital marketing services for venue operators, creating greater exposure and revenue.”

According to Clunie, the public’s reaction to the platform has been positive thus far. He said that Jamaicans can expect even more from the platform.

“We have recently revamped our website with the app functionality and we are currently in pre-launch mode as well as repopulating the site with venues. And so, we invite all venue operators nationwide to jump on board with us, “he said.

Love and Business

The partners in life and business said they have learnt to work together despite their differences. Gibson noted that respect is key.

“Being in business with your partner is not always easy as you will not see eye to eye on various things. However, what is important is that we are always respectful of each other’s opinions,” she added, “what helps is that we delegate tasks according to our strengths and, in doing so, we are able to come together to achieve the company’s end goal.”

However, Clunie said they have made it their duty to separate work from their personal lives.

“We have a set schedule, so we do our best to meet all our work obligations while ensuring that it does not infringe on our family time. We do this so that nothing gets neglected, “he shared.

He also dispelled doubts about getting in business with your significant other.

“Go for it! Once you have a common interest, mutual respect and effective communication, everything else will fall into place, “Clunie said.

In the coming months, the couple hopes to not only expand their business but also create brand awareness in the Caribbean by showcasing venues in neighbouring islands.

They intend to gain worldwide brand recognition and become a household name.