Jamaican housekeeper remanded in the US after fatal stabbing Loop Jamaica

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A Jamaican woman on Monday pleaded not guilty in a Massachusetts, US court to fatally stabbing a man during an altercation which, she told police investigators, stemmed from an unwanted and persistent sexual advance.

Aneka Brown, a 35-year-old housekeeper, was slapped with charges of manslaughter, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, stemming from the incident on Monday morning.

According to a report in the Cape Cod Times, at about 9:15am, the Harwich police responded to a 911 call about a potential stabbing at 860 Route 28 in South Harwich, Cape Cod, Massachusetts.

On arrival, the officers found a man seriously wounded, and he later succumbed to his injuries at the Cape Cod Hospital. His identity was not released.

Brown was subsequently arrested at an apartment complex and arraigned at Orleans District Court on Monday afternoon, where she pleaded not guilty.

Her attorney, Brad Simpson, urged the court to grant his client bail, as she had no previous criminal record and would not be a danger to the community.

In furtherance of that point, he revealed that Brown has been travelling to Massachusetts for work as a housekeeper since 2015.

He also argued that a possible self-defence claim could be brought by Brown in the future, as his client told investigators that the incident stemmed from “an unwanted and persistent sexual advance”, the report said.

However, the prosecution, which was represented by assistant district attorney Michael Giardino, said bail should not be considered by the court based on the nature of the crime.

Judge Robert Welsh III sided with the prosecution, ordering that the Jamaican be held in custody for 120 days.

Brown is to return to court for a probable cause hearing on December 2.