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The last of two Jamaican women who had been on the run in Antigua has been captured by law enforcement authorities in the eastern Caribbean island.

According to the Caribbean Media Corporation (CMC), Donnalee Samantha Salmon was apprehended on Tuesday night. She was one of two Jamaican nationals who had been on the run for the past week, having escaped from the Immigration Department’s Detention Center where they were being housed, by breaking a bathroom window.

The other woman, Tiffanie Stephanie Howell, was on Tuesday sentenced to three to seven months in jail for escaping lawful custody when she appeared in a magistrate court.

Howell, who reportedly turned herself over to the authorities on the weekend, had earlier pleaded guilty to the charge that carries a maximum one year jail term.

Salmon and Howell were awaiting deportation to Jamaica when they escaped. Salmon is expected to appear in court this week.

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