Jamaicans can renew their passports online – PICA Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Jamaican passport holders who want to renew their passports are being reminded that they can utilise the online option provided by the Passport, Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA).

Business Development and Communications Director at PICA, Kauna McKenzie, indicated that the service is convenient and reliable.

“The online process is an easy and more comfortable way of renewing your passport. It requires just to have a working laptop computer, internet service, and a digital photo. Make sure you have your birth certificate on hand and your expired passport,” McKenzie said.

She explained that applicants do not have to come in office to collect their passports once they are processed.

“It’s so convenient that you don’t even have to come in office once it is done online. You can also pick it up if you so choose or you can have it couriered to you [we use DHL]. It is best to have it delivered to you to reduce traffic to our offices,” McKenzie suggested.

She explained that the online application process only covers passport renewals for adults.

“Only persons who have had a passport as an adult and are now reapplying for a passport. Although we say 18 is adult, an 18-year-old would have had a minor’s passport before and would now be transitioning to an adult. They would have to come into the office to reapply,” she stated.

For persons who have changed their names through marriage or deed poll, they, too, would need to come in office to reapply for their passport.

“When we talk about adults renewing online, we’re talking about those adults, who do not have any change in their passport. For example, a woman who was single in her previous passport and now has gotten married, cannot apply online because she would now have a change of name. She would have to come into the office and submit her marriage certificate.  

“Likewise, persons who have had a divorce and gone back to their original name would have to apply in person.

“Once the status of the individual has changed in any way the application cannot be done online. The renewals online can only be done in cases where the information in PICA’s system is unchanged,” McKenzie shared.