J’ca ranks among top 5 in Latin America with highest Uber user ratings Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

Jamaicans are known for being friendly and welcoming, and it seems that attitude has been recognised by the Uber app’s lessor partners.

The country stood out as one of the top five countries with the highest-rated users by lessor partners in Latin America; it also placed second among countries in the Caribbean.

“Uber’s rating system is essential to maintaining a high level of service and improving the overall experience for both lessor partners and users,” said Uber.

In the meantime, the service has shared tips on how to improve user ratings. It said the user rating is an average of the ratings of the last 500 leases made.

“This means that it will always be possible to gradually improve the rating by having a considerate experience in future leases.”

The most practical way to achieve this is by becoming familiar with the top five reasons lessor partners rate a trip of five stars:

1. Be punctual: Being on time and ready for the lease when your lessor partner arrives is an important aspect of the Uber app experience. If the user knows that he or she will be delayed or needs to cancel the lease, it is important that they notify the lessor partner in a timely manner.

2. Be respectful: Treat the lessor partner and his vehicles with respect. For example, nobody likes to have their car door slammed. As stated in the Uber app Community Guidelines, we want both users and lessor partners to feel comfortable and respected.

3. Route changes: The lessor partner cannot add new destinations in the app, so whenever the user wants to add or change a destination, they must do so from the app. In this way, the user will be able to see in advance the suggested price that this modification represents and the lessor partner will take this extra time into account.

4. Keep the vehicle clean: Although the lessor partner is responsible for keeping the vehicle clean, users can support and be considerate; that is, avoid leaving garbage in the car.

5. Precise location: Make sure that the pick-up point and destination of the lease are correct, remember that the app even gives users the option of showing the lessor partner the location in real-time. Also, the lessor partner will appreciate it very much if the user helps them avoid pick-up and destination locations that are not suitable for getting on and off (a few meters can make a difference).

How do you know if you are a 5-star user?

Users can know their rating by following these steps:

? Access the “Profile” or “Account” section

? Select “Privacy Center”

? From the main menu in the app, select “Settings”, “Privacy and “Privacy Center”

? From the “Privacy Centre”, swipe to the right and select “Do you want to see a summary of how you use the Uber app?”

? Scroll down and select “See my rating”