J’can model Hector Lincoln in Ariana Grande music video Loop Jamaica

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Even if you blinked you wouldn’t have missed Jamaican model Hector Lincoln in Ariana Grande’s new music video yes, and?

Lincoln, who’s borne of Cuban/Jamaican heritage, and raised between Lakeworth, Florida, and Kingston, Jamaica, is no stranger to the big screen.

He had his first TV appearance at age four, and worked regularly as a cast member in a children’s television show It’s A Smart World and several school Theatrical Productions.

At 16, he was signed with Kingston-based model agency, Pulse, and moved to Paris, France, to further his career.

He’s since worked in various territories, including the Caribbean, Milan, Miami Beach, London, Toronto, and New York.

Over the years, he’s transitioned from runway to acting, working on several film productions, including NBC’s Law & Order SVU, Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black, and the fashion blockbuster The Devil Wears Prada.

Three of his most recent appearances involve a 2023 stint in the mini-series White House Plumbers and a role in episode one of the 2024 Netflix drama Mr & Mrs Smith.

But, it was his appearance in the just-released Ariana Grande music video for her hot new single yes, and?, that made us press pause for a closer look.

For context, in his scenes, Lincoln is seemingly intrigued by Grande’s gestures as he becomes a pop star fan.

It’s safe to say, the camera loves him; maybe the audience too. So far, the video has amassed 54.8m views and is the highest-grossing video of the singles released from Grande’s new album, Eternal Sunshine.

Watch the video below