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The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) high command has described as false, reports circulating on social media regarding a supposed temporary cessation of overtime payments under the organisation’s workforce management system (WMS).

“We categorically refute these claims as entirely baseless and without merit,” said a release from the police high command.

“Since the implementation of the WMS in April 2023, the JCF has remained committed to ensuring the well-being of our officers, including the prompt and accurate payment of overtime dues. At the end of February 2024, over $ 651 million in overtime payments was disbursed to members and the timely and accurate payment of overtime will continue,” the release stated.

The police high command said since the system’s inception over in April 2024, more than $4.9-billion in over time has been paid out to more than 12,500 rank-and-file members, with an average of over 10,000 members receiving overtime payments each month.

“The JCF finds it very concerning that such false reports would begin circulating at this time. We recognize that such unfounded reports aim to create unrest and discord within the ranks of our dedicated officers,” the release stated.

“The JCF high command takes these matters seriously and views the spread of such misinformation and disinformation with great concern. We urge the public, and more specifically members of the JCF, to critically assess the veracity of information encountered on social media and other platforms. The JCF remains dedicated to transparency and open communication, and we encourage those seeking accurate information to consult our official channels.”

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