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Deputy Superintendent of Police Dian Bartley believes the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is attracting quality people as members, who continue to serve the population despite continuous criticism from naysayers.

According to Bartley, who is in charge of recruiting for the JCF, members of the force keep upgrading their academic qualifications while working, which has manifested with three current members having completed doctoral studies.

“We are getting excellent human beings to enter this organisation. Quite the contrary of what a lot of people are saying. People are saying, ‘Oh, you are scraping the bottom of the barrel’, and I beg to differ,” said the senior officer.

“We have touched the lives of so many individuals in this Jamaica land we love, and to say, to reduce other human beings, to be considered the bottom of the barrel, is the worst description we could ever affix to anybody who is seeking to ensure the safety and security of this nation.

“We are attracting some of the brightest minds that you can think of. People with doctoral studies. We have individuals who come here with just their bare five (CSEC) subjects and they have gone back and they have masters and first and second degrees,” she continued.

Deputy Superintendent of Police Dian Bartley

Bartley was speaking in an interview on Saturday at Merl Grove High School in St Andrew during a recruitment drive in a current campaign in which the JCF has taken the process into communities to entice Jamaicans to become members.

She believes the criticism levied at the force’s recruits is unfounded, as the entity is choosing from what is available.

“To say that we are not attracting the right calibre, remember, we are taking from the society. We are not collecting Arian individuals. We are recruiting from society. So we have to be very mindful of what we say because we are products of the society,” she said.

Meanwhile, 70 women and 64 men sat the JCF’s entry test on Saturday, with approximately 30 failing. Those who passed had their documents processed for antecedents to be conducted.

According to Bartley, during the current recruiting drive, more women have consistently turned up at the locations, although the men have had a higher percentage among those who progress beyond the initial entry test.

She argued that the JCF needs more men for the operational aspects of the force, with some communities requiring a dominant male presence, which they will provide. She said the women mainly offer tacit skills, but was quick to point out that the JCF offers equal opportunities in all areas for both men and women.