JFF elections postponed following court-ordered injunction Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News Loop News

The Jamaica Football Federation (JFF) voting congress, which was scheduled for Sunday, has been postponed as a result of a court-ordered injunction.

The legal development was confirmed by the JFF on Friday through a press release. It emerged as Beach Soccer Jamaica, represented by its president Patricia Garel lodged an injunction with the Supreme Court to secure inclusion in the election of officers for the Jamaica Football Federation (JFF).

Citing Article 12 of the Federation’s constitution, Beach Soccer asserts its membership in the JFF but said that it was sidelined in favour of another entity, the Beach Football Association of Jamaica, established in October of 2022.

In a press release, the JFF acknowledged receiving two applications for mandatory injunctions, one of which was withdrawn. The release stated, “The court considered the application of Patricia Garel, president of Beach Soccer Jamaica wherein she sought a mandatory injunction to compel the Jamaica Football Federation to allow her to participate in the upcoming election of officers for the Jamaica Football Federation on January 14, 2024.”

Despite Garel’s efforts, the court rejected the initial attempt for a mandatory injunction. “The applicant failed at her attempts to get this mandatory injunction after Kaysian Kennedy-Sherman attorney-at-law, of TWP Attorneys, the attorneys for the Jamaica Football Federation argued that this mandatory injunction would not have been appropriate having regard to the circumstances and that same should not be granted,” said the JFF.

The court then permitted Garel to file an amended application. “She sought to get an injunction to postpone the Jamaica Football Federation election until the final determination of the applicant’s claim. However, this too was unsuccessful as the court ordered that an interim injunction be put in place for a period of 28 days pending further determination by the Court,” stated the press release.

Consequently, the JFF announced the postponement of the voting congress.

President Michael Ricketts will continue to lead the administration, and the JFF assures delegates that they will be kept informed of any further developments.

Ricketts, who has been in office since September 2017, is being challenged by his first vice president Raymond Anderson.