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Councillor crosses the floor

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Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) Councillor Romaine Morris, who represents the Mocho Division in the Clarendon Municipal Corporation, officially crossed the floor during a sitting of the municipal council on Thursday.

Councillor Morris had sent a letter to JLP General Secretary Dr Horace Chang on January 10 informing the party of his immediate resignation as chairman for the Mocho Division and termination of his membership to the party.

In his crossing the floor, Morris briefly said that the switch is due to his personal convictions, and his values have realigned to that of the People’s National Party.

While Morris was officially informing the mayor of his decision to switch political sides, a throng of supporters clad in both orange and green were outside the municipal corporation building, chanting his support.

Last year, three PNP councillors, including the fire-brand Venesha Phillips from the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation and two from the Westmoreland Municipal Corporation, switched to the JLP.

The Municipal Corporation spread now stands at eight PNP councillors to 12 JLP councillors.

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