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… insists he’s still a member of the JLP after previously declaring he would become an independent rep

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Councillor-elect Winston Ennis retracts statement, insists he is still a JLP member

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Councillor-elect for the Waterloo Division, Winston Ennis (Jamaica Labour Party), says he has not sent a formal letter withdrawing from the governing party, despite a “leaked voice note” which suggested he was walking away from the JLP.

“I wish to categorically state that I retract any verbal suggestion that I have left my Party, which I have served faithfully for several decades,” Ennis said in a statement on Wednesday.

In the audio message, which Ennis said was sent to a JLP-affiliated WhatsApp group, the councillor-elect announced his exit from the governing party, saying he will be an independent representative after he returns from a trip overseas. He also said he has had enough “disrespect” from the party, and that “the cup is (now) full”.

However, in his statement on Wednesday, Ennis withdrew the comments and said the “sentiments were expressed in the heat of the moment”.

If Ennis had followed through on his pronouncements and become an independent representative, it would’ve meant a 20-19 split in the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation in favour of the People’s National Party, breaking the current 20-20 tie after last week’s Local Government Election.

The PNP would’ve been able to appoint both the mayor and deputy mayor of the City of Kingston, instead of only appointing the mayor after winning the popular majority in the tied KSAMC.

“I met last night with members of my Division and party workers and wish to state that I am committed to resolving internally, any issue which might have arisen that led to my earlier sentiment,” Ennis said.

He also reiterated that he remains a member of the JLP and is committed to the view that his party is best placed to govern Jamaica at both the local and central Government levels.

“I want to thank everyone in my party and across Jamaica for their support,” he added.

He also said he was surprised that his initial comment was “leaked to the media”.

“I am disappointed that personal discussions made it into the public domain,” the councillor-elect said.

Ennis went on to caution people making personal statements “in the heat of the moment” and which are meant for internal discussion, to be careful about the domain used to express these sentiments and the words chosen.

He ended by saying he will not be offering further comment at this time.

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