JN Foundation offers grant funding for community | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News

The JN Foundation through the JN Circle is inviting members to submit proposals for projects, which will improve their communities.

The foundation further stated that members can also access grant funding of up to $1.5 million to address issues related to health and safety along with education and sports development at the community level.

The deadline for the proposals is November 30.

For proposals to be considered, they must have the following criteria: projects must fit within the themes/focal areas; must be sustainable and impactful; should have measurable and realistic outcomes; and, the project budget should be aligned with the grant amount.

“The proposals must be an initiative being implemented by chapters of the JN Circle and their partner organisations,” Claudine Allen, general manager of the JN Foundation, said. “Projects should be for the benefit of the community and not an individual.”

She urged persons to visit the JN Circle website at https://www.myjncircle.com to learn about the JN Circle, and join a local chapter so that they can be a part of an initiative in their community.

“The foundation prepared JN Circle members to identify and develop projects which will create a positive impact in their communities,” Allen further said. “We hosted training sessions to ensure the ideas presented were sustainable, measurable, and importantly, they would achieve the JN Circle mandate of community building.”

Welcoming the initiative, Phillip Service, president of the JN Circle Falmouth, noted the positive impact, which the funds could create. He added that all JN Circle members should use the opportunity to access needed funding for their respective community projects.

“This is an opportunity for community leaders to add some value to what is being offered at the community level. Certainly, it will make a significant contribution to education, or any of the social issues being faced by the community,” he said. “This is also an opportunity to also develop leaders, who are consciously able to respond to those issues.”

The JN Foundation established a pool of $15 million, to be accessed by chapters of the JN Circle for the funding initiatives, which will serve to improve their communities. A selection committee is in place to review applications and determine the winning projects.

The JN Circle is a network of clubs, which comprises JN members and customers of the companies in The Jamaica National Group. It was introduced in August 2019; and allows members and customers, who share JN’s values, to take action aimed to improve outcomes for themselves and all Jamaicans, wherever they reside. There are 16 JN Circle clubs across the country.