Job security or not, Jessica plans to tell the truth as a journalist | Loop Jamaica

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I would like to become a journalist. Why is this so?

I love to write, and I also love helping people across the world. I strongly believe that world peaceis possible.

When I become a journalist, I want to focus on article writing. I like writing about governments and what is happening in different countries worldwide.

I like to observe what governments send out to the public. I want to be able to judge each situation carefully before I write.

I like to look at both sides of the story to get the truth. When I look at many published stories in today’s world, they are being explained from one side, making the guys on one side out to be the bad ones and the others the good guys. This is where misinformation and lies come into journalism.

I plan to tell the truth and tell the story as it is, no matter the possibility of getting in trouble or losing my job.

People across the globe deserve to know the truth and not feel safe when things are dangerous. If fake news, lies and other evil corrupt people’s minds, journalism would be gradually losing its value.

My motto is: “An eye for an eye makes the world go blind.” My motto is so real in today’s world. The lies and hatred occurring across the world do so, sometimes, because of the fake news that spurs others to action.

As I am writing this essay, I feel so free because I am writing with a purpose and doing something I enjoy. This is awesome for me.

I am so happy I had the chance to write this article for the Child Month feature promoted by Loop Newsat Mona Preparatory School.

By Jessica Mullings

Grade 6 student at Mona Preparatory School