JP Group signs over 87 plots of land in St Mary land-ownership project | Loop Jamaica

The content originally appeared on: Jamaica News | Loop News

Jamaica Producers Group (JP) has officially signed over 87 plots of land on JP Farms’ Chovey Farm property in St Mary, to the community of Coleraine, an informal settlement located on the property.

The official signing solidifies a long-term commitment made by JP and the members of Coleraine community to regularise and develop the area into a safe, well-maintained residential neighbourhood.

The ‘Coleraine Land Grant Project’ will give effect to one of the most meaningful community-based corporate social responsibility projects that the JP Group has ever carried out in their home parish of St Mary The Coleraine Land Grant Project commenced a few years ago with the formation of the Coleraine Pines Benevolent Society, a friendly society established by JP and the residents of Coleraine for the regularisation, management and lawful development of the community and to administer the granting of individual titles to residents of Coleraine.

JP CEO Jeffrey Hall stated: “St Mary is JP’s home parish. As the largest employer in the parish through JP Farms we see ourselves first and foremost as members of a vibrant community. For JP, today signifies another major investment by our Group in the potential of St Mary and marks the beginning of a long-term partnership with our neighbours at Coleraine, based on mutual respect, to continue to develop St Mary as a place of choice to work and live.”

Receiving secure titles to their homes will undoubtedly be, not only an extremely gratifying experience for residents of Coleraine but will also provide them with a platform to level-up in many areas of their lives when it comes to everything from buying, selling and engaging in the properly regulated development of their individual plots, to financing and securing loans.

“My first job was at Jamaica Producers, right here on these lands,” Dr Norman Dunn, Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Investment and Commerce, Member of Parliament, St. Mary – Southeastern shared with pride.

He went on to express that, “this step we’re taking today embodies the true essence of corporate social responsibility. An organisation that has deep roots in a community that really addresses, contributes to, and supports the needs of its residents in an effort to improve their lives. The people of this community are stakeholders in Jamaica Producers. They’re the ones who are literally on the ground, day-to-day, making this business grow. What is happening here today signifies JP supporting and empowering community members and their families to live out their dreams. My hope is that Coleraine will use this as the springboard to make a lasting impression and build a strong foundation for the next generation and live the dream of prosperity that I believe we can all attain here.”

This Project to provide land titles to the residents of the community will create a strong framework for JP and the Coleraine community to work together in regularising the development and beautification of their shared environment in alignment with JP’s vision for the development of the parish of St Mary.

“It is with humility, dignity and civic pride that we accept your gift of benevolence expressed in a tangible way. The land does carry a market value, but what you have done for our community is invaluable and our appreciation is deep and inexpressible. This legacy will be handed down for generations to come,” Carl Jackson shared, President of the Coleraine Pines Benevolent Society and resident of the community.

“The history of this land spans decades. We, our parents, grandparents, and great grandparents worked with the Jamaica Producers Group over the years to make this land and farms what they are today and build our lives and livelihoods. Today we honour the years before and look forward to a bright future ahead. We look forward to even greater collaboration and inclusion as we continue to work to achieve common objectives that will benefit our families, our community and by extension, this Jamaica land we love.”

At the closing of the official signing ceremony at the JP Farms Visitors Centre, as a first step towards achieving their shared vision, CEO, Jeffrey Hall on behalf of Jamaica Producers Group presented a ‘Community Development Grant’ to the Coleraine Benevolent Society, a financial grant of $250,000.00 to be used in respect of jumpstarting the further improvement and development of the Coleraine neighbourhood for the benefit of all residents.